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Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train King

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March 4th 2014

Of all the incredible train layouts in the United States, Northlandz might be the most famous and beloved among railroaders. Its sheer enormity is a testament to the dedication of its creator, and both that man and his trains are beautifully captured in this video, earning them a spot at the "box office". 

Introducing As-Is Collection Sales

Feb. 26th 2014

Sometimes railroaders just want to unload their collection all at once, and don't feel like selling their trains one at a time. And that's exactly why a new category called As-Is Collections has been added to the DASH Marketplace.

New Lionel Products in Spotlight at Toy Fair

Feb. 23rd 2014

There are lots of shows and conventions where train manufacturers show off their latest model trains. But only a few companies make the trip to Toy Fair every year to show off their toy trains! Lionel is one of the few, and we have a new spotlight on their Toy Fair lineup. 

Top 5 Lego Train Sets of All time

Feb. 20th 2014

Most model railroaders aren't interested in the blocky world of Lego sets. But the famed Danish "construction company" has been making great trains for decades, and they're the perfect complement to any devoted model railroading collection. These five sets in particular are the perfect way to diversify your rolling stock with a block or two. 

Lionel Spotlights Presidential Series Boxcars

Feb. 17th 2014

Presidents' Day is celebrated to honor all of the great men who have served the United States as Commander in Chief, and Lionel has created some incredible trains to help us do exactly that. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Story

Feb. 14th 2014

When you're introduced to most model train layouts, you're left to tell your own stories and explore them in awe. But today's layout video tells a unique and compelling story, transporting you to a better time. Its personal story and nostalgic mood rightfully earn it a place at the "box office". 

Closer Look at MTH's Upcoming Trains

Feb. 10th 2014

As much fun as it is to add a new train to your collection, it's almost as enjoyable looking at all the latest products the world's best model train manufacturers are showing off these days. And we've got an incredibly fun closer look at some of MTH's newest offerings. 

New Marketplace Image Viewer

Feb. 7th 2014

In order to make the DASH Marketplace as enjoyable and convenient as possible, we're always looking for ways to improve the experience. Today we introduced a new image viewer, and it has made the buying experience better than ever.

Lionel Spotlights Legacy GP35 Lineup

Feb. 5th 2014

If you're a fan of the sharp-lined GP35, you'll love the latest product spotlight from Lionel. It includes this classic locomotive in a bunch of new road names, and each and every one looks fantastic. 

Top 10 Tilt-Shifted Pictures of Trains

Feb. 2nd 2014

If you're unfamiliar with the practice of tilt-shifting a photo, it's a style of photo manipulation that's typically done to cityscapes or crowded scenes to make everything look like a miniature recreation. It can be used to great effect with trains too! 

DASH Downtime Notice - 2/8/14

Feb. 1st 2014

We have scheduled downtime on February 8th 2014 from 12:00am to 2:00am ET. This may impact a number of G Scale auction checkouts, so it is advised that you please check out immediately after the Friday night auction's conclusion, or wait until Saturday afternoon to finish checking out.  

Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Runner

Jan. 30th 2014

If you've ever felt transported to another world thanks to a movie, you'll love today's layout video. It will literally take you on a first-person trip through another world, earning its place at the "box office" along the way. 

Athearn Tours the Railroad Hobby Show

Jan. 28th 2014

We recently told you all about the Amherst Railway Society's Railroad Hobby Show, and now we've got an incredible photo-tour of the event thanks to manufacturer Athearn

Lionel Spotlights Weathered Locomotives

Jan. 26th 2014

There's something wonderful about a shiny new model train that seems to glisten on a shelf, but sometimes you just need a grimy and realistic train to bring you a little closer to the reality of the rails. Lionel's latest spotlight focuses in on a few new locomotives that do exactly that. 

Visit the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show

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Jan. 24th 2014

If you're in the Northeastern United States, you should be swinging by the Amherst Railway Society's Railroad Hobby Show every year. It's a growing show that's already got more than enough model train goodness to last you an entire weekend!

Lionel Spotlights Stunning Pilot Locomotives

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Jan. 19th 2014

Most model railroaders like to recreate the real world with their layouts or capture the diverse history of the rail industry with a variety of real-life rolling stock. But for those of you who love the model railroading hobby just as much as the real-world rails on which it's based, Lionel's new spotlight deserves your attention. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: My Neighbor Train

Jan. 15th 2014

The best kind of movies are those which take you on a journey through a land you could never imagine. Today's layout takes a trip through Japan and rightfully earns its place at the "box office" along the way. 

DASH Downtime Explained - 1/18/14

Jan. 14th 2014

From time to time, DASH needs to go offline for maintenance. We try to keep the site online as much as possible, but some downtime is unavoidable and often important to the healthy functioning of the site.

DASH Can Help You Get a Cash Offer For Your Trains

Jan. 13th 2014

DASH has numerous ways to help you sell your model train collection, but we just introduced a new one that makes it easier than ever to unload unwanted trains. We can help you get a quick and painless cash offer for most model train collections!

Closer Look at MTH's Newest Locomotives

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Jan. 10th 2014

There's nothing I like more than checking out all the latest trains from my favorite manufacturers. MTH certainly makes that list, and they've left me speechless once again with closer looks at four amazing new locomotives.