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Easier Bid Management on the DASH Marketplace

Nov. 12th 2013

In our continued efforts to make the DASH Marketplace more user-friendly, we made some major changes to the bid management page. It's easier than ever to keep track of your bids and win that treasured train. 

Photos From Trainfest

Nov. 10th 2013

Trainfest 2013 wrapped up this weekend, but we were able to make our way onto the show floor a day early for a closer look at some of the cool booths and amazing layouts at the convention. 

A Tour of Walthers

Nov. 9th 2013

During our recent trip north for Trainfest, we were able to swing by the Walthers offices for a closer look at their day-to-day operations. Walthers is one of the biggest and oldest names in model railroading, and we've got a brief photo tour of their headquarters for your enjoyment.

New Images of MTH's Latest Trains

Nov. 7th 2013

It's easy to get excited when MTH has new products on the way. Every train they release seems to get better than the last, and the latest pictures they've revealed suggest that trend will be continuing for a long time to come. 

Trainfest 2013 Is Almost Here

Nov. 6th 2013

Representatives of the DASH team are headed to Trainfest 2013 this weekend, and we hope to see you there alongside more than 25,000 fellow railroaders! 

Making Bank Engines - November 5th

Nov. 5th 2013

If you're not familiar with bank engines, they're used to help trains up steep passes that take them to new heights. The five model trains featured in this article might not be bank engines by definition, but they would certainly elevate any collection to a new level of impressiveness.

20 Unforgettable Photographs of Trains

Nov. 2nd 2013

There's nothing quite like a beautiful train rolling through an idyllic landscape, whether it be in your very own layout or somewhere far outside your door. Sometimes these stunning moments are captured in time and shared with the world as unbelievable images. We have 20 train pictures you'll never forget.  

Lionel Spotlights Polar Express Streamliner Passenger Set

Oct. 30th 2013

Winter is almost here, and Lionel is ready to roll into the season with a wonderful set of trains celebrating the snow, the cold, and the upcoming holiday season. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: City of Trains

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Oct. 27th 2013

It's not easy to build a beautiful inner-city layout, and that's one reason few modelers take up the challenge. But I found a layout which takes up that challenged and exceeds it in every way, earning itself the "box office" treatment today.

Railway Robbery: Magazines and Mega Collections

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Oct. 25th 2013

Everytime I talk about the high cost of our hobby to a non-railroader, I get stunned looks and dropped jaws. Model railroading is certainly not cheap, but sometimes even devout railroaders can be shocked by the excessive prices expected for some high-end items. These kinds of exorbitant prices start to look like "Railway Robbery!"

News From the Lionel Showroom at the Fall 2013 York Meet

Oct. 23rd 2013

Lionel revealed some big upcoming products at York last week, but they also put together an impressive array of upcoming trains in their booth at the show. We've got a closer look at the awesome trains that made the trip.  

Lionel's Highlights From the 2013 Fall York Meet

Oct. 22nd 2013

The TCA Eastern Division's York Meet is one of the year's most spectacular events for model railroaders and manufacturers alike. We certainly enjoyed our time there last week, and managed to see all the latest news and reveals coming from Lionel's impressive booth. 

Time to Set Your Time Zone on the DASH Marketplace

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Oct. 21st 2013

The DASH Marketplace has been operating on the UTC time zone since its formation, in order to appeal to a more neutral and international audience. But the unusual times confused lots of folks, so we've introduced a full suite of time zone support. 

Find DASH at York This Week

Oct. 17th 2013

If you're going to be in York Pennsylvania this week for the October meet, then keep your eyes out for DASH team member Steve in his one-of-a-kind DASH shirt.

Lionel Spotlights Spooky Area 51 Set

Oct. 16th 2013

As Halloween approaches, things start getting a little spookier. Ghost, goblins, and ghouls could be lingering behind every corner, and now Lionel even has us worried about aliens with their latest product spotlight. 

First MTH Webinar Contest Winners Selected

Oct. 14th 2013

We partned with MTH Trains to help railroaders like you get their model train collection online. Our recent webinar drew hundreds of attendees that learned to manage their collection online with DASH, and two lucky people won a prize along the way.

Big at the Boxcar Office: The Best Trains of Our Lives

Oct. 12th 2013

Despite the thousands of railroaders across the world building layouts of their favorite times and regions, very few focus on the various seasons of the year. As the colors change outside our windows here in the month of October, I like looking to layouts that feature the vibrant colors of reality. This layout does exactly that and earns the "box office" treatment today.

Fire Sale Heats Up This Weekend on the DASH Marketplace

Oct. 11th 2013

You may have noticed that DASH has experienced some unfortunate downtime this week. It was caused by a freak smoke-related incident at our hosting company's facility. To fight that "fire" we've created a special new event on the DASH Marketplace this weekend.

Lionel Spotlights American Flyer Heritage Series ES44ACs

Oct. 8th 2013

Fans of last year's American Flyer Heritage Series pieces will be excited by Lionel's latest product spotlight. There's a rainbow of new trains on the way and they're wonderful tributes full of great features. 

DASH Contest Winner Takes to the Rails

Oct. 7th 2013

A couple months ago, DASH and MTH teamed up to give away an incredible new $430 BNSF ES44 Diesel Locomotive. The winner was DASH user EngineerBob, and he was kind enough to send along a photo after receiving his prize.