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Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train Show

March 20th 2014

Saying a layout is the "greatest ever" is one mighty claim, but some layouts are so good they at least deserve to enter that discussion. Today's layout video captures one such masterpiece, earning it a spot at the "box office". 

Lionel Puts Vision Line Big Boy in the Spotlight

March 10th 2014

Trying to pick the "best model train of all time" would be a challenging, if not impossible, task. But Lionel's upcoming Vision Line Big Boy would certainly be in the discussion, because model trains just don't get much better than this. You'll want to see all the amazing details this special new locomotive has to offer. 

New Catalog Image Viewer

March 7th 2014

The DASH Catalog is the ultimate reference resource for model train collectors, and it currently features more than 90,000 different trains and accessories. A majority of those entries have wonderful photos, and seeing them in all their glory juts got easier thanks to our brand new Catalog viewer.  

Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train King

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March 4th 2014

Of all the incredible train layouts in the United States, Northlandz might be the most famous and beloved among railroaders. Its sheer enormity is a testament to the dedication of its creator, and both that man and his trains are beautifully captured in this video, earning them a spot at the "box office".