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Lionel News From York - Spring 2014

April 28th 2014

The Spring York meet is biggest weekend in the model train hobby, and it just ended! Lionel had some great trains at the show, and if you couldn't make it yourself, we've got a closer look at some of the best new products they had on display. 

DASH Has New MTH 2014 Volume 2 Pre-Orders

April 25th 2014

We recently added pre-order functionality to the DASH Marketplace, and now MTH has released their latest catalog, meaning there are 350+ new pre-orders available on DASH. 

DASH Now Supports Pre-Orders

April 11th 2014

We just developed a new software solution to fully support pre-orders on the DASH Marketplace. It's never been easier to place an order and keep your pre-orders organized. To kick off this new feature, we already have more than 400 new pre-orders available right now! 

Spotlight on Lionel Junction Starter Sets

April 2nd 2014

Lionel is always providing beautiful models for collectors, but they also manage to keep the toy train side of their business exciting and relevant. Today we have a new spotlight that focuses on the toy side of things.