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Lionel LCCA Convention Exclusive Train Contest Winner

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Oct. 5th 2013

Thanks to the continued success of DASH and our many partnerships across the model train world, we just gave away a brand new $140 Lionel LCCA 2013 Convention Exclusive Switcher. The giveaway was well received by railroaders across the globe, and now we've selected one lucky grand prize winner.

MTH Announces Fall TCA 2013 Special York Car

Oct. 2nd 2013

The Fall 2013 TCA York meet is only a couple weeks away, and MTH has announced their great new collector box car to celebrate this edition of the show. 

Polk's & Aristocraft Trains to Close Doors

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Oct. 1st 2013

In a new email, Polk's has announced that they will be closing the doors on their business at the end of the year. As the folks behind Aristocraft Trains, this is a unfortunate announcement and a definite loss to the hobby.

New Images of the MTH Premier Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger

Sept. 30th 2013

The Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger is one of the most recognizable and visually magnificent trains to ever hit the rails, and the latest images from MTH prove they've created one of the most visually magnificent models ever as well.

It's a Huge O Gauge Auction Weekend

Sept. 27th 2013

There are currently more than 3,000 O Gauge model trains on the DASH Marketplace, making this weekend's O Gauge auction event the biggest we've ever seen. 

You're Invited to a DASH Webinar

Sept. 25th 2013

We're always looking for ways to make our users more comfortable with DASH as both a site and collection management tool. That's why we've designed a new Webinar to train users how to track and value their collection.

First Look at Fox Valley Models Silverside Coal Gondola

Sept. 23rd 2013

Railroaders rarely get to see behind the curtain when it comes to manufacturing the trains they love, but Fox Valley Models has provided an open-door early look at their new HO coal gondola.

Win a Free Lionel LCCA Convention Exclusive Train

Sept. 21st 2013

To celebrate the continued success of DASH and our many partnerships, we've decided to give away this brand new $140 Lionel LCCA 2013 Convention Exclusive Switcher. Keep reading for all the details!

Lionel Spotlights Charlie Brown Halloween Set

Sept. 19th 2013

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it's time to bust out the decorations! Unfortunately it's hard to express your enthusiasm for such a spooky holiday as a railroader. Lionel is here to change that with their latest product spotlight. 

New Bid Management and Watch List Improvements

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Sept. 18th 2013

The DASH Marketplace has already become one of the premier places to buy model trains, but we're always looking to improve the form and function of the buying experience. We've made some incredible new changes to our watch list and bid management areas, and we're here to show them off. 

More Top Celebrity Model Railroaders

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Sept. 16th 2013

As the best hobby there is, it's no surprise that celebrities of various sorts are drawn to model railroading. We already identified the top five celebrities in model railroading, but now we have five more famous railroaders that might surprise you!

Details on New Athearn Genesis HO Southern Pacific Passenger GP9

Sept. 14th 2013

HO railroaders who are fans of Athearn and Southern Pacific should be prepared for some excitement. The manufacturer just released some great details and history on their new Southern Pacific Passenger GP9s. 

Watch the DASH Mobile App in Action

Sept. 12th 2013

I already took some time to describe the DASH Model Trains app in detail, but now we have a great video showing you all of the app's incredible features in action. You'll see why it really is the ultimate tool for railroaders on the go. 

M.T.H. Spotlights New 263E O Gauge Locomotives

Sept. 11th 2013

M.T.H. spotlights special new products each month, and this time around they took a look at their various tinplate O Gauge 263E locomotives. These are some beautiful trains, and they're well worth a closer look. 

10 Tips for Giving Model Train Gifts

Sept. 10th 2013

Have you ever wondered what to give a model railroader for a gift? Worried if your model train gift was the right one? Ever asked "what on earth do I give a model railroader for Christmas?" If so, you might find the following tips useful. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: Gone With the Train

Sept. 9th 2013

There are thousands of amateur railroaders building incredible layouts in their own homes, but creating the world's biggest layout takes millions of dollars and thousands more professional hands. And that layout is an absolute splendor to behold, undoubtedly earning the "box office" treatment.

M.T.H. Publishes 2013 RailKing One Gauge Catalog

Sept. 7th 2013

Fans who have been anxiously awaiting the latest catalog from M.T.H. will be thrilled to know that it has now been posted online for your enjoyment.  

Railway Robbery: Treasure & Trolley

Sept. 5th 2013

Everyone knows that collecting trains can get costly very quickly, but some model train collectibles are more expensive than anyone outside the hobby would ever expect. These kinds of exorbitant trains look more like "Railway Robbery" than a smart purchase, and here are a few of them.  

Find Out What Your Model Train Collection is Worth

Sept. 4th 2013

Model train collections are not only loads of fun, but they're also an investment in both time and money. Because they're such big investments, it's important to keep track of them and know exactly what they're worth. That's why a DASH collection report is perfect for any serious railroader. 

Making Bank Engines - September 3rd

Sept. 3rd 2013

Bank engines are designed to help trains up steep mountain passes and elevate them to new heights. The five model trains featured here may not technically be bank engines, but each one would help to elevate your collection to a new level of quality.