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Lionel Spotlights the Capitol Limited

Aug. 26th 2013

If you're a fan of Lionel and the diverse history their products represent, you'll love the latest product spotlight from the storied manufacturer. 

You're Invited to Our O Gauge Auction Party

Aug. 23rd 2013

It has only taken a few months, but we're already celebrating our 10,000th item sold on the DASH Marketplace! That's exactly why we've decided to throw a party and invite you to join us. 

The Best Way to Sell Your Model Train Collection

Aug. 21st 2013

There comes a time when every model train collection has to change hands, and whether you're looking to liquidate your own beloved trains or those of a lost loved one, it can be difficult to figure out the best course of action. That's why DASH is here to help. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: Once Upon a Train in America

Aug. 17th 2013

Not all model train layouts are designed to look pristine and perfect in every way. This gritty little layout captures the reality of the American rail system, and definitely deserves the "box office" treatment, so get your ticket punched and get ready another edition of Big at the Boxcar Office.

The Ultimate Model Train App

Aug. 14th 2013

Model train enthusiasts have always collected on the road and on the move. We hunt in stores, we convene at shows, and we think about our trains everywhere we go. But until now we've never had the ultimate tool to carry our collection in our pocket.

The Ultimate Model Train Values Guide

Aug. 11th 2013

Finding an updated and reliable model trains values guide is nearly impossible. There simply isn't a good paper-based handbook for model train prices these days, and that's left a lot of railroaders looking for a consistently updated and accurate authority on model train values.

Making Bank Engines - August 8th

Aug. 8th 2013

Bank engines help trains up steep passes and elevate them to great heights. The five engines featured here may not be bank engines by definition, but each would elevate your collection or layout to new heights in much the same way.

Railway Robbery: Brass and Paint

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Aug. 6th 2013

Collecting trains is an expensive hobby, and most railroaders are willing to lay down a pretty penny for the perfect piece. But some collectibles in the world of trains are exorbitant beyond imagination, and look more like "Railway Robbery" than a good purchase. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: It's a Wonderful Train

Aug. 3rd 2013

Some model train layouts leave you absolutely speechless. The famed layout featured in today's video will do exactly that, and undoubtledly requires the "box office" treatment, so pick your seat and settle in for another edition of Big at the Boxcar Office.

Athearn Reveals Genesis Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe

Aug. 1st 2013

It's always a treat when manufacturers take the time to give closer looks into their upcoming products, and Athearn has some new trains in their lineup that they just couldn't wait to show off.

DASH and M.T.H. Giveaway Winner Announcement

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July 28th 2013

Thanks to our new partnership with M.T.H., we've been able to give away an awesome M.T.H. $430 BNSF ES44 Diesel Locomotive. The contest has had an incredible reception, and we just selected the lucky grand prize winner.

Lionel Spotlights Zephyr Lineup

July 23rd 2013

Some trains have an undefinable majesty about them, and the silver streaked subject of Lionel's latest spotlight is one such beauty.

Big at the Boxcar Office: The Trainfather

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July 21st 2013

Some layouts aren't technically perfect or especially realistic, but they have a personality and grittiness that makes them memorable in their own right. This video captures one such layout and deserves the "box office" treatment, so grab your tickets and get ready for another edition of Big at the Boxcar Office.

NMRA 2013 Convention Launches in Atlanta

July 17th 2013

The city of Atlanta (and home of DASH) welcomed the National Model Railroad Association's 2013 Annual Convention this week, and things are on track for an incredible show. 

Lionel Collectors Club of America's 43rd Annual Convention Begins

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July 15th 2013

This week Lionel Collectors Collectors Club of America members from all over the country will be flooding the train-filled city of Chattanooga Tennessee for the action-packed 43rd annual convention.

Win a Free Train From DASH and M.T.H.

July 12th 2013

To commemorate the new DASH and M.T.H. partnership, we've teamed up to launch a brand new giveaway with a beautiful $429 M.T.H. train as the prize. Keep reading for all the juicy details.

A Night at the TTOS & LOTS Welcome Party

July 12th 2013

The TTOS & LOTS Rendevous in Reno kicked off with a bang last night at the official Welcome Party, where hundreds of railroaders gathered to launch the event in style alongside a plethora of beautiful cars at the The National Automobile Museum.

DASH and M.T.H. Announce Partnership

July 11th 2013

DASH recently partnered with storied model train manufacturer M.T.H. to provide our respective Club members even more great features and resources. MTH announced this partnership in a recent press release, and it's well worth a read.

Welcome M.T.H. Railroaders Club, Now Claim Your Free Upgrade

July 10th 2013

M.T.H. is one of railroading's most recognizable and beloved names, and we're honored to have launched a new partnership with the storied manufacturer. We'd like to welcome all the new M.T.H. Railroaders Club members to DASH, and remind you to claim your free Club offer! 

TTOS & LOTS 2013 Annual Convention Kicks Off

July 9th 2013

This week the city of Reno Nevada will be welcoming railroaders from across the globe to the fun-filled Lionel Operating Trains Society and Toy Train Operating Society Annual 2013 Convention.