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New Year Special - Sell 5 Items Free, Sell at 4.95%

Jan. 6th 2014

We want to make selling on the DASH Marketplace easier and more affordable than ever. That's why we're giving you 5 free sales and a 4.95% selling fee! As long as you list your first item for sale in January, you'll be locked into our 5&5 promotion for 30 days. 

A DASH Family Tour of the Atlanta Botanical Garden Railroad

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Jan. 2nd 2014

The Atlanta Botanical Garden and its beautiful garden railroad entertain thousands of visitors every holiday season, and DASH founder Bill Jones was lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve taking in its splendor alongside his family. He sent along some incredible pictures to give us all a tour of the lovely sights.

Lionel Spotlights CP Rail Grain Train Set

Dec. 30th 2014

Most railroaders don't often take the time to appreciate the rich history and diversity in the Canadian rail system, but Lionel's latest spotlight will have you paying more attention. 

DASH Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Dec. 24th 2013

There's simply no time like the holiday season for railroaders. Trains surround our trees and carry the Christmas spirit with them. Here at DASH, we want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year full of trains. 

Holiday Gift From DASH - Save $25 on a Premium Upgrade

Dec. 23rd 2013

Christmas is almost here, and we have a special gift just for you! We've reduced the price of our Premium upgrade to $35, meaning you can save a hefty $25 between now and the new year!

Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train Around the Corner

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Dec. 18th 2013

Christmas brings out the railroader in everyone. Trains are pulled out to circle trees, stories of the Polar Express fill our hearts, and we're taken back to a time when the train meant so much. This Christmas layout may not be traditional, but it's full of the spirit of the season and earns its place at the "box office". 

Closer Look at Lionel's Christmas Freight Cars

Dec. 16th 2013

We've already given you closer looks at Lionel's American Flyer Christmas trains and their scale Christmas trains, and now we have a look at a load of holiday freight cars that'll make you want to take a train ride through the snow. 

MTH Shows Off Their Latest Trains

Dec. 15th 2013

There are few things I like more than looking at pictures of new model trains. Every new train that comes out seems to be more detailed, have more features, and look better than the ones before it. That's especially true of the newest stuff from MTH! 

New Video Tutorials for Selling on DASH

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Dec. 13th 2013

We're always looking for ways to make the DASH selling experience easier for our users. That's why we created a new series of video tutorials to walk you through the various ways to list model trains for sale on the DASH Marketplace.

Closer Look at MTH's Premier Line O Gauge EP-5 Electric Locomotive

Dec. 11th 2013

O Gauge railroaders with a love for the Northeast ought to be very excited about MTH's latest product spotlight. It brings the beloved EP-5 "Jets" of the New Haven Railroad back to life in outstanding fashion. 

Lionel Spotlights Scale Christmas Trains

Dec. 9th 2013

We already showed you some of Lionel's newest Christmas-themed toy trains, and now we've got a closer look at their scale-proportioned products centered on Christmas. These trains are more realistic and will fit right into a layout, but still carry the joy and excitement of the holiday season. 

Holiday Special - First 10 Sales FREE in December

Dec. 4th 2013

If you've been waiting to sell trains on the DASH Marketplace, now is the perfect time. Throughout the month of December, your first 10 sales will be totally free!

Lionel Spotlights American Flyer Christmas Trains

Dec. 3rd 2013

Every railroader's favorite time of year is the Christmas season. We're taken back to years of old when new trains awaited us underneath the tree. And now we're able to surround our own trees with a train of our own, like these latest products from Lionel. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: Back to the Train

Dec. 1st 2013

Model Railroading has been around longer than any of us can remember, and sometimes it's wonderful to step back into a foregone era of the hobby. Today's video takes us to the past and earns its "box office" treatment with a little nostalgia.

Long Black Friday Premium Upgrade Discount

Nov. 28th 2013

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that reminds us to be grateful for all we have in the world. If you're thankful for your model train collection, take advantage of our "Long Black Friday" sale to save $25 on a DASH Premium upgrade. 

TCA Divisions Partner with DASH to Grow the Hobby

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Nov. 25th 2013

Here at DASH we're always looking for opportunities to expand and improve the model train hobby, and thanks to a pair of new partnerships, that's exactly what we're doing.

O Gauge Freight Car Free Combined Shipping Event

Nov. 22nd 2013

DASH seller Trainz is hosting a special event this weekend, in which all their O Modern and O MPC freight cars will ship with free combined shipping. This is the ultimate opportunity to lengthen any and every train you own!

Closer Look at MTH's Latest Trains

Nov. 18th 2013

It seems there's always another great new train rolling into MTH's headquarters, and we've got a closer look at three of the newest products available from the manufacturer.

Lionel Spotlights New Military Freight Cars

Nov. 16th 2013

We recently passed Veterans Day, and it was hard not to think of the long and important history trains have played in the United States military. That's why Lionel has decided to spotlight some of the military freight cars they currently have available. 

Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Grit

Nov. 13th 2013

Something about dusty western layouts evokes a sense of wonder and grandeur, and I haven't seen many layouts more grand or wonderful than this trip through the wild west which has earned the "box office" treatment.