Sell My Collection

Sell Your Model Train Collection

There are 3 Ways We Can Help You Sell Your Collection


Why Use DASH? 

1. We've partnered with the most reliable and trustworthy partners in the model trian industry to get you a great cash offer.

2. Selling on DASH will help you reach the best community of thousands of model train enthusiasts and dealers through email, web search, and social networks.

3. Our user-friendly tools, lower fees, and a 15% Buyer's Premium that you keep mean listing items individually is better with DASH than anywhere else.

  Cash Offer

DASH works with a number of vendors that buy and sell collections. We will work with you to understand your objectives and items for sale, and we will refer you to one of our approved vendors to get a cash quote. This is the fastest and simplest way to sell your collection, but overall proceeds may be less than other options.


  Assisted Sale

We can work with you to organize your items for sale. We will assist you with your listing, and we will promote it to our extensive user base. Your collection will be sold in a single sale. Following the sale, you will be responsible to work out packing/shipping of your items or pick up with the buyer.


The way to maximize your proceeds is to sell individual items or small lots of items yourself. Creating listings on DASH is really simple and fast. Selling your collection this way takes the most time and effort by you, but you will get the highest return for your collection this way.