DASH and Trainz Present Donation to Annandale Village

Oct. 14th 2014

DASH recently teamed up with the seller Trainz to help support a charity that is near and dear to both our organizations. Annandale Village is now home to our favorite Trainz railroader, Mitch Griggs, and we were honored to recently present our donation to support Mitch and the entire Annandale organization. 

Below you'll see a picture of Trainz Chief Engineer Scott Griggs handing over our contribution check right alongside his family Mitch and Milinda. This great scene was made possible because of the support of the DASH and Trainz communities, so our thanks and heartfelt appreciation goes out to you! 

Scott and his family certainly appreciate your support as well. Here's a message from Scott himself. 

"I appreciate the generosity of the DASH team in putting this offer together. Annandale Village is going to be fantastic for Mitch, and I hope anyone that upgrades will enjoy the benefits of DASH for years to come."

The DASH members that make up our community are truly a wonderful part of the railroading hobby, and we hope to provide you with more opportunities to shine! 

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  • 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Awesome to know Mitch is really enjoying Annandale. Thanks to everyone for help in making this happen. It is a great cause.

    Check out Bill's collection Reply Link