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Bill's Collecting Story

I founded CollectorDASH to focus on the special needs of specific groups of people that were huge fans of things.  We use the word "Collector" since everyone knows the human phenomenon of collecting.  Every kid reading the back of a cereal box "Collect All 5!" gets that!

DASH pulls together in innovative ways all of the things that enthusiasts want and need to do.  Of course, DASH is a great place to buy and sell items,  But it is also the best place to keep track of what you have and want.  It has great mobile apps, helping you enjoy your collection anytime and anywhere.  It is the basis for the best full catalog and values guide for the hobby.  And the combination of all of these features really enables individuals to participate...

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Bill's Videos

HD- My HO Model Train Collection: Metrolink, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, etc.

Here's a large compilation of my HO train collection in a variety of locations. Not all the trains seen in the video are mine, I own everything except for the Daylight #4446 steam engine and the Amtrak Superliners, those belong to a friend of mine. Locations featured in the video are Los Angeles Live Steamers and my room, where I just set up my Kato UniTrack, the only track I recommend. Collection featured: Athearn RTR Metrolink F59PHi Athearn Bombardier Passenger Cars: Metrolink and Coaster Walthers Amtrak Superliner Cars Bachmann Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4 #4446 Bachmann Southern Pacific Daylight Passenger Cars Athearn RTR Southern Pacific AC4400W Athearn Genesis Union Pacific SD70ACe Bachmann F40PH dummy: Custom painted into Coaster scheme by CoasterFan2105. Thanks for watching!

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