15,000 Items Have Been Added to the DASH Catalog

Sept. 25th 2014

Thanks to some hard work from our development team, we were able to add more than 15,000 new and vintage model trains to the DASH Catalog this week. That means more than 20,000 items have been added to the Catalog since DASH launched, bringing the total number of Catalog entries to more than 115,000 different trains and accessories!

If you're not familiar with the DASH Catalog, it's the ultimate resource for railroaders. It captures details, photos, and reference information for virtually every model train that's ever been created, allowing you to identify or track your collection in a unique and ridiculously convenient way, all for free! 

You can use DASH's collection management features in conjunction with the Catalog to find, identify, and manage every single item in your collection. This allows you to create an "inventory" for insurance purposes or gain a sense of pride for those of us who love to see how amazing our collections are!

You can also view values for a majority of trains in the DASH Catalog with a DASH Premium membership. This helps you see what your collection is worth or determine a fair value for any upcoming purchases. And with an upgraded membership you can do all this and more from our mobile app!

This is a huge milestone for the DASH Catalog, and we hope you're able to enjoy browsing it as much as we've enjoyed building it. 

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