You're Invited to the Brand New Collector-Diecast

Dec. 7th 2014

We just launched a brand new site for diecast enthusiasts, and you're officially invited to visit Collector-Diecast to see all the cool cars, trucks, planes, tanks, and vehicles of every kind in the huge Catalog and bustling Marketplace.

Many railroaders will find that the diecast hobby crosses over with their own interests. Not only will you be able to find cars and vehicles for your layouts, but you might just fall in love with the various vintage-style cars that well up some nostalgia, and numerous high-quality stunning items that the industry produces. Here are some of the highlights railroaders will enjoy about Collector-Diecast.   

We hope you find something to love, buy a few new things for your collection, and put together a big new collection to manage on our latest site. It's great time to be a railroader, and an even better time to be a diecast enthusiast. 

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