Lionel Spotlights American Flyer Waffle-Side Boxcars

June 22nd 2014

American Flyer collectors have something great to look forward to thanks to Lionel's latest product spotlight. They've showcased a trio of incredible new waffle-side boxcars, and we've got a closer look. 

If you've been impatiently waiting for an iconic waffle-side boxcar to join your American Flyer ranks, then you can finally rest easy. These cars are going to be a welcome addition to many homes! Whether you've been anxiously pining for these trains for years, or haven't ever considered one before, you'll probably be sold after this spotlight. Read the full details and secure your pre-order for these items below. 

New Product Spotlight – American Flyer Waffle-side Boxcars

A new boxcar is coming to the American Flyer line this year – the waffle-side boxcar! A similar car has been available in O Gauge for many years. Now S Gaugers can enjoy this distinctive car as well.

The prototype for this car is a Pullman Standard design built for many railroads from the mid 1960s to 1970s. This era saw a variety of bright color schemes and graphics – some of which certainly provided plenty of headaches to the paint shops that had to apply them over those lumpy side sheets! The cars are similar in overall dimensions and design to the company’s standard and incredibly popular 50′ PS-1 boxcar.

The many corrugations which give the cars their nicknames provide room on the interior of the car for anchoring straps and tie downs. Looking at the car from the inside, all of these load restraints fit into pockets between the side posts and give a smooth interior wall which maximizes the loading space and reduces damage to both the loads and tie-downs. For a more detailed look at waffle-side boxcars, see this earlier Freight Car Friday post!

The new American Flyer models debut in three roadnames: American Flyer Lines, New Haven and Chicago and Northwestern. The cars feature:

  • Opening doors
  • Metal frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks
  • Operating couplers

The trucks will use traditional American Flyer wheels and will operate around S-36 curves. Suggested retail on the cars is $49.99 each. See your local Lionel dealer to order yours today!

Pre-order the American Flyer 6-48855 American Flyer Lines Waffle-sided Boxcar

Pre-order the American Flyer 6-48856 New Haven Waffle-sided Boxcar

Pre-order the American Flyer 6-48857 Chicago & North Western Waffle-sided Boxcar

If you're looking for a handsome set of freight cars in any of these roadnames, these will certainly meet your needs. The details are gorgeous, the colors are rich, and the iconic look of the waffle car will make for a great addition to any American Flyer S Gauge collection or layout. I'm a huge fan of the New Haven orange, and I might just have to grab a low-priced pre-order right here on DASH. 

Even if you aren't sold on these freight cars, keep your eyes out for other American Flyer pre-orders on the DASH Marketplace, and future spotlights from Lionel in the future. 

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