Lionel Spotlights American Flyer Diesel Sounds Boxcars

Aug. 29th 2014

If you're looking for a little more "roar" out of your American Flyer locomotives, Lionel has something new that you're sure to love. Check out this new spotlight to get all the details and see these new trains up close. 

For those of us with older American Flyer locomotives, it's painful to miss out on all the cool new RailSounds stuff. But Lionel is making that same great sound available to railroaders from any era with these new boxcars. They make it easy and affordable to make your trains sound great. Read the details and see the photos below. 

New Product Spotlight – American Flyer Diesel Sounds Boxcars

Are some of your American Flyer locomotives sounding a bit too quiet? Now you can add realistic diesel RailSounds to any American Flyer train simply by coupling up to one of the new RailSounds boxcars!

These boxcars feature the same great RailSounds you’ll find in our new diesels and steam locomotives. Simply couple the boxcar behind your locomotive and enjoy the same rich sounds you’ll get from our current releases in a train from any era. Diesel engine / steam chuff sounds are in sync with the speed of the train and the horn / whistle and bell is controllable by your conventional transformer.

Boxcars feature a holder for a 9 volt battery. Installing a battery will allow your sounds to continue even as you pass over switches, crossings or dirty track. A volume control knob is also included in the car so you can adjust the sound to your taste.

The diesel boxcars are available in New Haven and Union Pacific. Steam sounds cars come decorated for Erie and Great Northern. All feature metal frames, opening doors, and die-cast metal trucks with operating couplers and will negotiate an S-36 curve. Cars retail for $169.99. See your favorite American Flyer dealer to order yours today!

Not only will these trains sound great, they're going to look awfully good too! I love the full details and sharp paint applications on these beautiful boxcars. No matter which railroad you choose, adding a car or two from this set to your layout will result in a big improvement for sure! I personally love that big and bold "NH" of New Haven, so I'll be keeping my eye out for that piece. 

You can check the DASH Marketplace for these trains right now, as well as other brand new Lionel products. 

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