Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Holiday

Oct. 5th 2014

Model railroading is truly an international hobby, and despite the incredible layouts American railroaders are assembling, some of the world's best layouts happen to come from overseas. One such layout is featured here today, earning its spot at the "box office" with some wonderful foreign scenery. 

This German layout video will leave you in awe for the entire 30-minute tour. Much like the classic film Roman Holiday takes you on a trip through a foreign land, this layout will have you wishing you could visit an amazing faraway country full of incredible trains. 

Train Holiday

Don't you just love the meticulous details, unusual trains, and stunning landscape in this layout? It feels so alive and simultaneously majestic, making it a beauty to behold from start to finish!

This might seem like the ultimate layout video, but we're always on the lookout for more cool videos. If you want to share your own layout, please drop it into your Collection Showcase page. Even if it isn't as magnificent as this one, we'll definitely still adore it. You should also drop a link to your favorite layout online, because it might show up right here in next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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