Big at the Boxcar Office: Godzilla Vs. Trains

July 1st 2014

Japan is famous for the efficiency of its railroad system, and it's known for more than a few incredible model railways too. Today's featured layout includes one such famed layout and earns its spot spot at the "box office" due to some incredible realism and wonderful features

This unbelievable layout is unlike anything I've ever seen! Its details are perfectly executed, and it's stunningly realistic from end to end. You can almost see Godzilla destroying its detailed Japanese city like we've all witnessed on screen to often. Much like Godzilla vs. Mothra brought us a wonderfully crafted miniature Japanese landscape, this layout does the same without simultaneously destroying it! 

Godzilla Vs. Trains

Every detail of this layout was meticulously crafted and designed. It's apparent how much time and love went into this living landscape, and I for once appreciate it! Whether it be the day-and-night cycles, the living traffic, or the awesome trains themselves, this layout gets it all exactly right. Any railroader would happily spend an entire day taking in all the secret details and boundless fun this layout contains.  

This was an awesome layout video, but it still might not be enough for you. So please take a minute to share your own video on your Collection Showcase page. It might not be as flawless as this one, but we'll love it all the same. You can also share a link to your favorite layout video online, and we could feature it right here in next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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