Big at the Boxcar Office: Citizen Train

July 20th 2014

Some layouts just have a magical, wonderful quality to them that can't be explained. They rank as some of the world's absolute best, and today's featured layout is one such example. It earns its spot at the "box office" because it's quite simply one of the best layouts ever made. 

This unbelievable layout is practically endless in size, but somehow still filled with loads of miniscule details, allowing you to pour over it for countless hours and still find something new to love. It's perfect in every way (as far as I can tell), making it an utter classic much like Citizen Kane. Much like the film is one of the greatest movies ever, this might just be one of the greatest model train layouts of all time too. 

Citizen Train

Not only do I love the sights and sounds provided by this video, but the commentary describing its construction was just as wonderful. Hearing Mr. Lash discuss his early experiences with trains really brought the passion and love in this layout to life. You can tell that this lifelong railroader will adore this masterpiece and run its trains as long as he's able, and that's exactly the kind of love that makes railroading such a special hobby.  

This was undoubtedly a wonderful layout video, but we're always on the lookout for additional great videos. If you have one of your own that you'd like to share, please take a minute to drop it on your Collection Showcase page. It might not be as stunning as this one, but we'll still enjoy it. You're also welcome to share a link to your favorite layout video online, and we might just feature it right here in next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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