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Aug. 15th 2014

We're teaming up with Trainz to help out a great non-profit organization that will soon be home to our favorite Trainz railroader, Mitch Griggs. Keep reading for all the details, and see how you can help!

Many of you will know Mitch from shows like York, where he has been a long-standing fixture of the Trainz booth. Mitch is Scott & Milinda Griggs' son, and every time we make a trip to visit them, Mitch is always there with a smiling face and a "high five."

Around trains his entire life, Mitch has a contagious love of model trains and the community that surrounds them. Because Mitch and the Trainz family mean so much to us here at DASH, we decided to support Annandale Village with a new promotion - a lifetime Premium membership we've never offered before.

Mitch was born with a number of developmental disabilities, and Annandale Village will be a perfect way for him to enrich his life socially and developmentally. Annandale Village is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide life assistance to adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

We're offering a lifetime membership to DASH Premium for $120 (regularly $59.95/yr), and for every new membership, $20 will be given directly to Annandale Village on behalf of Trainz and DASH. Click here for a full review of the benefits of a Premium Membership.

Learn More About Annandale Village


Purchase a Lifetime Membership

If you want to show your continued support for the railroading community and generate a special contribution to Annandale Village, you can now purchase a lifetime membership to DASH Premium for only $120.

For every lifetime membership we receive, $20 will be given to Annandale Village!

This cause means a lot to the DASH and Trainz families, and we want to thank you for your support! 


After payment is complete, your account will be upgraded to DASH Premium within 24 hours. The upgrade will have no expiration date and will never require a new payment. The lifetime membership is not transferable between accounts or persons.

Thank you so much for showing your interest and support! Here's a special message from Scott Griggs.

"I appreciate the generosity of the DASH team in putting this offer together. Annandale Village is going to be fantastic for Mitch, and I hope anyone that upgrades will enjoy the benefits of DASH for years to come."

-Scott Griggs, Chief Engineer at

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