Big at the Boxcar Office: Lord of the Trains

Aug. 22nd 2014

Hobbyists around the world build some stunning layouts, but they aren't the only people doing amazing work. Manufacturers often show off their products with some incredible layouts too! We'll be looking at one such new layout with our latest spotlight, an impeccable piece of railroading that has rightfully earned its spot "box office."

This huge layout and the unusually long video that showcases it are both wonderfully made. It comes from German manufacturer Marklin and takes some of their beautiful trains and puts them into an even more beautiful series of landscapes. Much like the iconic movie Lord of the Rings took you on an adventure across a majestic world, this video will do the same, and almost take just as long!

Lord of the Trains

What a splendid view of the German countryside, cityscapes, and everything in between. The only thing better than the whirring of the trains in this layout are the absolutely remarkable views that it offers. There are countless details and flourishes that make this truly one of a kind. It's bustling with life and energy, and I'd give almost anything to see it in person!  

As perfect as this layout is, we're always keeping an eye out for more great videos. If you want to share your layout, please spare a moment to put it on your Collection Showcase page. Although it probably won't be as outrageous as this one, I promise we'd still love to see it. You can also share a link to your favorite layout video from around the web, and it could just show up right here in next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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