Trading on DASH

How trading works

Like fish in a barrel.

Virtually every model train lover has new items they want and a few extra items they have fallen out of love with. The trouble is matching people up.

DASH solves this problem! DASH users can easily identify and manage the items in their collections. They can also just as easily manage their Wanted List.

When collectors add the "Willing to Trade" flag to items they have, DASH shows these users to other collectors when there is a match in that user's Wanted List.

Visibility is the key.

By being able to see the user names of other collectors that are willing to trade items you want, DASH takes you a long way toward a successful trade. But, beyond that, you can click to see that user's collection...the items they have, the items they want, the items they are willing to trade. Now, just like in "real life," you can see that this person has more stuff you want and there is maybe more opportunity for you to negotiate a trade.

Let's make a deal.

DASH's job is to help fellow model train collectors connect, and we try to give you both an easy way to share information to start a good discussion about a trade. You can contact that collector and propose a trade. You take it from there! No commissions or fees. Just good old fashioned trading.

This level of sharing and visibility is available only to DASH Collector's Club members, so be sure to check out the upgrade.