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Micrometakit 00100h Coaling Station

Micrometakit 00100h Coaling Station
HO Modern / Accessories / Micro Metakit
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The Micro Metakit 00100H Coaling Station. Micro-Metakit‘s model is exquisite; the superstructure is made compleatly of brass and new silver. The large coalbunker is made out of Magnesium. The facility is completely assembled and painted; it is also illuminated with outer and inner lights. Two versions are available, an HO 2-Rail DC version and an HO 3-Rail AC version for Marklin operators. The Coaling Facility is one of the best models we have ever seen. It is also the first of a series of structures, which will be produced by Micro-Metakit. Micro-Metakit will produce the Munich turntable, roundhouse and other structures for modelers who want to replicate the yards in Munich Germany, during the glorious days of steam.
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