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MTH 30-2766-1 Rail King 4-Car 3200 Series Subway Set w/Proto-Sound 2.0 - Chicago Bears

MTH 30-2766-1 Rail King 4-Car 3200 Series Subway Set w/Proto-Sound 2.0 - Chicago Bears
O Modern / Subway Cars / Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) / 3200 Series / MTH
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24 x 10 x 10"
The MTH 30-2766-1 Chicago Bears 4-Car 3200 Series Subway Set with Proto-Sound 2.0. Closely resembling the 1970 vintage Boeing built 2400 series cars, the CTA 3200 Series subway car first began appearing on Chicago's famed "L" in early 1993. Produced by the Morrison Knudsen Corporation (their first order for new transit cars) the consists have been in use throughout the CTA system. The design and performance characteristics of the new 3200 series cars are a far leap over previous subway type passenger equipment. Utilizing state-of-the-art microprocessor propulsion control and inverter auxiliary power supply equipment, the cars can be easily retrofitted from 3rd rail pickups to overhead pantographs. A unique operator's compartment provides multi-purpose operator/conductor/passenger seating capabilities.

Adding the unique look and style of a modern subway consist to your layout has never been easier. Choose from models equipped with or without Proto-Sound and receive all of the standard features found below. Features include Directionally Controlled Headlights, Intricately Detailed ABS Bodies, Metal Wheels, Axles and Gears, Die-Cast Truck Sides & Pilots, (2) Remotely Controlled Proto-Couplers, Authentic Paint Scheme, (2) Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors, Locomotive Speed Control, Proto-Sound 2.0 Featuring Station Stop Proto-Effects, Lighted Cab Interiors, Illuminated Number Boards, Each Car Measures 13 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3 3/8", and it Operates On O-31 Curves.
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