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Lionel 6-31751 MTA New York City Transit R-27 Subway Set

Lionel 6-31751 MTA New York City Transit R-27 Subway Set
O Modern / Subway Cars / New York City Transit (NYCTA) / R27 / Lionel
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24 x 18 x 5"
Lionel is proud to offer the MTA R-27 Subway Cars. Coupled in semi-permanent married pairs, these cars entered service in 1960 and often traveled to Manhattan through the tunnel, as indicated by the QT designation on the sign board. The R-27 cars were intially dressed in a kale green baked enamel finish, and they served New York City until the early 1990s. Featuring the Legacy System–the next generation in TrainMaster Command Control–the R-27 has opening doors and authentic subway sounds. Listen for the operator announcing the subway stop near the former Lionel office in Manhattan. The cars also feature prototypical markings and signage for service in the early 1960s. An additional 2-Pack is available to create a longer train. Features include Two pairs, one powered unit, TMCC II Legacy equipped—able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode, RailSounds 5.0 sound system with CrewTalk dialog, TowerCom announcements, and many more effects digitally recorded from an actual subway, Odyssey System for speed control with ON/OFF switch, Infrared wireless system connects each car, Close coupling system allows near-prototypical distance between the cars, Automatically opening passenger car doors with operating indicator lights, Authentically detailed interiors with new passenger and train crew figures, Interior lighting in all cars, Directional lighting including prototypical marker lights, Lighted sign boards, Dual powerful maintenance-free motors with momentum flywheels, All new die-cast metal sprung trucks, the minimum diameter is O-72, the 4-car set measures 60 inches long and a single car measures 15 inches long.
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