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MTH 30-4183-1 N&W 4-8-4 Bantam Passenger Set W/Ps2 (No Track/Xformer)

MTH 30-4183-1 N&W 4-8-4 Bantam Passenger Set W/Ps2 (No Track/Xformer)
O Modern / Sets / Chicago & North Western (C&NW) / MTH
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29 x 22 x 6"
The MTH 30-4183-1 Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 Bantam Passenger Set with ProtoSound 2.0. Like the Daylight 4-8-4's, the Norfolk & Western's Class J Northerns represented steam power at its zenith. Fast, powerful, and pleasing to the eye, they were the last hurrah of steam power before diesels sent them to the scrap heap. The final three J's, built in 1950 in the N&W's own shops in Roanoke, VA, were the last steam passenger engines built for an American railroad. They sped across the Appalachian Mountains daily between Norfolk, VA and Cincinnati, OH, hauling passenger trains that included the Powhatan Arrow, the Pocahontas and the Cavalier. With authentic Norfolk & Western station announcements and CD-quality steam engine sounds, this set recalls the excitement of luxury passenger travel in the steam era, when locomotive whistles echoed off Virginia and West Virginia mountainsides. Included is a Die-Cast Steam Locomotive, and 3 passenger cars. Features include Die-Cast Boiler and Chassis, a Flywheel Equipped Motor, locomotive Speed Control, an Electronic Reverse Unit, a Remotely Controlled Proto-Coupler, an operating Headlight, a Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmokeT Unit, All-Metal Wheels and Gears, Proto-Sounds 2.0 Sound System Featuring Freight Yard Proto-Effects. The passenger cars feature intricately detailed durable ABS bodies, die-cast 4 or 6-wheel trucks, operating die-cast metal couplers, colorful, attractive paint schemes, fast-angle wheel sets, needle-point axles, metal wheels and axles.

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