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Lionel 6-14114 Engine Transfer Table Extension

Lionel 6-14114 Engine Transfer Table Extension
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24 x 12 x 6"
This is the Lionel 14114 #350-50 Transfer Table Extension which is a reissue of the original 350-50 from 1957-60. It is an add on to the 14113 Transfer Table and allows the table to be connected to two more tracks. Transfer tables are used for shifting locomotives from one track to another, and with a transfer table and several of these extensions you can design a huge yard with multiple tracks. After the locomotive enters the transfer table, the remote control allows you to move the table and its control booth in the direction of the desired track. Once it's lined up, your locomotive is ready to roll on to its next destination. For building a large train yard, simply add one, or a number of 350-50 Transfer Table Extensions which add two additional tracks to the table. The only limitation is the amount of space and imagination you have. The 350 and its extension make for exciting railroad fun. The extension is the stamped metal base only. It measures 10 1/2 inches x 19 inches.
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