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Lionel 6-1970 Southern Pacific Limited Set

Lionel 6-1970 Southern Pacific Limited Set
O MPC / Sets / Southern Pacific (SP) / Lionel
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24 x 10 x 10"
This set includes the 8960 Southern Pacific U36C Powered Diesel Locomotive, 8961 Non-Powered Dummy Diesel Locomotive, 9315 Gondola, 9320 Gold Bullion Car, 9313 Three Dome Tank Car, 9732 Boxcar, 9881 Rath Packing Refrigerator Car, and a 9316 Illuminated Bay Window Caboose. This set was very popular when introduced and was the first set to include the U36C diesel. It was not in the regular 1979 catalog because the set sold out before the catalog was printed.
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